Arcade Hole mod Apk [ Latest V 0.7.4 ] Free Download

v 0.7.4

Arcade Hole Mod APK have many precious things like diamonds ,gold and silver falling in the hole.You have to play the role of black hole.
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Rollic Games
v 0.7.4
Android 4.4 and up

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If you play and like IO games then I suggest you download a very interesting game called Arcade Hole Mod APK. In this game Arcade Hole Mod apk unlimited money, all gold, silver, diamonds, etc fall into the hole and the black hole changes things into money. You have to control the things and put them into the hole. To upgrade the size of the hole you have to invest money. I am sure you enjoy the game arcade hole mod apk unlimited money a lot.

What is Arcade Hole Mod Apk

Arcade Hole Mod Apk an1 is a game that you can download free of cost. It is a unique game so you should try it. I hope this game is going to be fun and you will definitely enjoy it. Basically, in this game, there are many precious things like diamonds, gold, and silver falling into the hole.  You have to control things and clear your path by swallowing things. Make money and make money. A hole will swallow more things you will get more money.

Make money and enjoy your game arcade hole mod apk unlimited money. Upgrade your levels by investing money. As the size of the hole increases more things fall into the hole. So you will earn more money. The speed, radius, and size of the hole can also be upgraded. This game never let you bored. As it is a very interesting game arcade hole mod apk latest version, many people get addicted to it.

Features of Arcade Hole Mod Apk

Turn into a black hole 

In the game arcade hole mod apk no ads, you can eat a variety of things, each with a different value that can be exchanged for cash. You can swallow the numerous things in this area, each of varying sizes, but initially, you will only be able to ingest a certain amount. For greater item capacity, you must increase your stats like speed, radius, and capacity.

There are no tedious quests that are required to be completed in this entertaining game Arcade Hole Mod Apk. Due to its originality and enjoyment, this is a fun game that you may play whenever you want. Enjoy the animation while using straightforward controls.

We can savor the games of the casual category to the fullest. You can transform into a black hole with Arcade Hole, which can eat anything that gets in your way. Here, you can eat a variety of objects and stones of monetary value.

You can pour them into the machine once you’ve finished eating them and are satisfied, and it will turn them into actual money. Anyone can pick up the game Arcade Hole Mod Apk and start playing because the gameplay is so straightforward. Numerous things can be upgraded here!

Upgrade your stats

Many features in Arcade Hole can be upgraded so you can consume more objects and make more money. To start, you can increase your speed, which will help you reach different locations more quickly. You will initially have normal speed, but you can enhance it at any time.

Additionally, the circle’s radius allows for easier fitting of additional items. By doing this, you will be able to purchase larger, more expensive jewels. In order to bring in more stuff per trip, you can enhance your capacity. You’ll need more money for the following improvement the more upgrades you make.

Fun 3D game 

Anyone can enjoy playing this enjoyable 3D casual game. Since it’s a fun game arcade hole mod apk modulo, there are no fines or failures. Using a straightforward movement pad, you can move about your black hole. Touching the screen will then let you manage everything.

How to download and install Arcade Hole Mod APK for Android Free Download?

  • Here are the following steps to download and install the Arcade Mod apk 
  • A link or blue button shows on the top. 
  • Click on the button or link to start the process of downloading.
  • When downloading is complete at once, the APK file will appear in the “download section”.
  • Before installing this on your device make sure to allow third-party apps on your device.
  • To make this process reliable follow the given steps.
  • First of all, go to settings and on the option of unknown sources.
  • After all these, you can go to the download section and click on the downloaded file.
  • Now the installation prompt will appear and ask for permission to make sure to finish the installation steps.
  • After completion of the installation process, you can use the app with confidence.

Download information

version 0.7.4
File Name Arcade Hole Mod APK
File type app
File size 155.5 MB
Developer  Rollic Games
Requirement  Android 4.4 and up


 As we explain all the information about this app in detail. so download this amazing game Arcade Hole Mod Apk and enjoy. you can download this game from our official website apk access. This game was developed by Rollic Games, especially for those who love statistics. I’m sure you enjoy this interesting game. If there is any query or question leave a comment in the comment section.